Safe and Sound 

Wow, I made it. Finally! For a minute there I thought the rest of my life was found to be spent on planes and in lineups. But not to worry anymore; after a long and tiring journey I am finally in London! 

I made my way from the airport to my hotel where I met a guy in line to check in who was also waiting to start his Contiki. Unfortunately, we soon learned that we were on seperate tours and so wouldn’t get to spend any time together other than today. 

We met another girl, Vanessa who was doing the same trip as him, and so the three of us dropped our bags and decided to head out for some exploring. Actually, Vanessa and I were roommates for the night (random coincidence) so it’s nice to have made a friend already. 

After lunch and a wander around the block I suggested we head to Covent Garden to check it out. I’ve been once before, but was hopeful that at this time of year it would all be done up for Christmas. 

We were not disappointed! We wandered the shops, stopped to take touristy pictures (yes there are definitely some with the red phone booths on Vanessa’s camera), and we took in a street performance of a tiny Irish guy who escaped from a chained up straight jacket by dislocating his shoulder. I guess everyone has some form of talent. 

I woke up at 6am this morning so I could say goodbye to Vanessa and Rich who were heading out on their tour for Amsterdam. I miss them already, but it was great to have someone to share my first day with. 

Now, it’s about 9am and I am still exhausted and wishing I could go back to bed. I’m sitting in my hotel room drinking a crappy cup of instant coffee that they leave out for you waiting to go meet up with a few people from my actual tour to do some shopping. 

It was a great first day and now I just can’t wait to see what the rest of this trip has to bring. 



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