London Calling

I am officially in love! This city has stolen my heart and I don’t ever want to leave. It’s been a pretty jam-packed few days, and I’m still feeling a little jet lagged, but every second has been worth it! 

Yesterday I spent the day getting lost with Alex, Amber, and Tara (all Australians). We weren’t actually getting lost, just getting lost in shopping. We went to the classics like Harrods and Selfridges, and Oxford Street. 

It was a tiring day, but so nice to see all these places I had always dreamt of seeing.  

Then we met up with a few other people and checked out The British Museum (a place I’ve been obsessed with seeing for as long as I can remember) and took a night drive around the city stopping of course at Buckingham Palace for some classic tourist photos. 

Tonight we are going on a Jack the Ripper tour of the city and I am beyond stoked! I love this sort of thing (it’s not weird, I swear.) 


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