London Life

Back in London! And very, very happy to be here! 
Yesterday was a long travel day (as you can tell by my tired, but happy face). I made my way down from Scotland in the afternoon. That was the easiest part. Getting on the tube with my luggage and carry on, on probably the busiest line, going to central London, in the middle of rush hour… Not something I would like to do often. 
And then when I finally made it to my hotel I discovered there was no lift ( I’m very up with the British lingo right now), and so I had to then carry all my belongings up four flights of stairs. 
I’m out of shape. 

I am obsessed with London. Like actually, obsessed. I love everything about it and I don’t want to leave! 

If you had asked me yesterday; after all the travelling when I was exhausted, I would have said I was ready to go home. But today, I’m not so ready. Although, I must say, after nearly three weeks I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, and having access to laundry… 

Today was a good day full of shopping and wandering, and just generally being chilled out. I took my time because I didn’t have to rush anywhere, and didn’t have to be back at any certain time. 

I’ve only got two more days here before I head home. 

Better make the most of it!



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