Secrets & Stick- On Nails

So, one thing that anyone who knows me, knows about me, is that I am just a little bit beauty obsessed. Like, maybe just a tiny little bit over the top. Like, maybe I have way too much makeup that I don’t need, (you can only wear so many things on your face at one time) or maybe I have about fifteen different face creams and body butters. Just Maybe.

While my makeup collection is over the top and pretty much unneeded, I have never been able to master the art of contouring (or winged eyeliner, but that’s a story for another time). So tonight after work, I popped into a local drugstore and picked up my very first contour pallete! Wish me luck everybody- seriously wish me luck I need it. I got one by the brand NYX. I’m already a big fan of the brand, and it was pretty decently priced at about $27 for eight different shades. So lets see how this goes. I’ll keep ya posted.

I’ve also had an obsession lately with nails. I always paint my nails, but being a waitress, nail polish always chips so damn easily! My hands are constantly getting covered in food and bleach water, or being bumped on tables so polish never lasts long much to my dismay. I used to get gel nails done every three weeks or so, but I can’t really justify spending $40 to get them redone that often. It can get even pricier than that depending on where you go, and a good nail tech seems to be pretty hard to find in this tiny town anyway.

A few weeks ago I found these stick-on nails (yes, I said stick-on; I’m an awkward twelve year old girl apparently) which work wonders! They last so long, and only cost me $10 for enough to do about three sets! I’ve had the same ones on for about a week now and I only lost the first one today. But it’s all good, cause I have spares, and it will literally take me two seconds to reapply! Can’t beat that.


Also, shoutout to these moisturizers for totally killing it!

FullSizeRenderI have pretty dry skin on a good day, but a few weeks ago I got a second nose piercing and for some reason it has just totally dried out my skin even more than I thought possible. But these moisturizers have totally improved everything and I’ve only been using them for about two days! Nothing beats waking up with a super soft face, just sayin’.


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