Retail Therapy Fixes Everything

Who needs to actually talk about their problems, when we can just go out and buy new pretty things like the size of our bank accounts don’t matter. Right? Am I right? That’s what I’ve been telling myself the past few days anyway.

I know, I know, my problems aren’t going to be magically fixed by a new dress, and the heartache isn’t going to be healed overnight thanks to my new blonde locks. But it can’t really do any harm, right? Right. At least, that’s what I’m going to tell myself for a few more days.

Today (and part of yesterday) I decided to treat myself. After all, the new hair deserves a new wardrobe (or part of a new wardrobe anyway, I stopped myself before I went too overboard). And I thought some of you lovely people out there might want to see what I got!

Also, for reference- I wear a size medium.

Black Dress- Brand: Jo&Co

Grey Dress- Brand: Antistar

Brand: Free People

Black and White striped top- Brand: MinkPink

Blue and grey jacket- Brand: Against Nudity

Okay, so, I am not actually naive enough to think that my problems are solved by a little shopping spree, but come on people! Admit it; we’ve all done it and it feels damn good sometimes.

Also, sorry about the crap lighting in my room! It’s a weird yellow colour that I hate, but have never gotten around to painting. Typical.


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