Running Away (At least For a Day Or Two)

I have had a great few days! I am sore, I am tired, I am writing this from my bed as I scarf down some pizza, but I am happy. Truly, contented-feeling in the pit of my stomach happy. It’s a good feeling.

Thursday I hopped on the ferry after work, and headed over to the mainland to visit my best friend, and old college roommate for a few days. When things in life feel a little tough, or a little much to handle, or I just need some truly kick-ass advice, I head for the mainland; home of my best friend and go-to advice guru, Victoria.


Victoria and I met in our first year of university and became super fast friends. To this day she is still the first person I call when I need to talk about something. Even though I quit school and moved back to the island, she’s still probably the closest person to me. And even though we aren’t living that far away from each other, we really only get to hang out about once or twice a year, so these past few days have been so nice!

We went for coffee (numerous times), we got manicures, we went to the gym where she completely whipped my butt! Back in the day I could not convince this girl to come to the gym with me; she would always put up such a fight! But now she is in way better shape than me, and I won’t lie, I am pretty dang jealous!

We stayed up until two in the morning talking about everything that has been happening in our lives these past few months, as well as our fear of the future and the unknown. My desperate need to settle down somewhere while also travel and find peace and love within my own life (wow, I’m a cliche), and her need to finish school, go to grad school, settle down and start a life.

We went shopping and I spent far too much money, as I always do! New pandora earrings for the win! Victoria and I even bought the exact same sundress. Stay tuned for a who wore it better.

It was bliss to have a few days away from the diner and responsibilities, and just real life in general, even though I am happy to be home.

Back to reality tomorrow as I go back to work! Although I should probably hit up the gym before hand; I don’t want to have to face Victoria kicking my ass again!


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