Positive Mind, Positive Vibes

Everyone has days where they don’t feel their best; we feel sad or insecure, sometimes shy and like we don’t fit in. Totally normal! I feel this way all the time; I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. And if you tell me that you don’t, then I probably won’t believe you, but I will be extremely jealous of your confidence and positivity.

Anyway, today I spent some time with my friend Morgan, who told me she’s recently been putting a more positive spin on her life. Creating vision boards, living with a more open mind, believing that anything is possible and that her dreams are achievable. Sounds pretty great, right? Sounds pretty easy to do, right? Yeah, I’m not so sure. I’m a little more of a skeptic than her.

Do not get me wrong, I am all for thinking and living positively! I try to live my life that way on the daily, but sometimes it’s hard, you know? You’ve been there.


Morgan bought these oracle cards from a local store that specializes in spiritual nicknacks and jewelry; stuff like that. They have countless statues of Buddha and prayer beads; Tibetan prayer flags and fragrant incense. I used to love it there; I spent all my spare cash there when I was a kid. Somewhere along the line though I kind of left it behind; forgot about it. Oracle cards though, these are something I’ve never seen before, or even thought of as something I might be interested in. But Morgan can be quite persuasive when she really believes in something. It’s actually quite refreshing.


As hesitant as I was, Morgan convinced me to choose a card, and pictured above is the one I got. My first thought? Bullshit.

What you want, wants you. What the hell does that even mean? Sounds like a bunch of crap to me. But Morgan persisted.


She read out about three pages in this little book that explains what all the cards mean. I’ll admit, there were some good insights. It talked a lot about how something could be holding you back, but you have to keep moving forward and do what’s best for you if you want to get something worthwhile out of this life. Who doesn’t want that?

At the end of each segment, there is a mantra, I think Morgan said you are supposed to repeat it three times a day. Yeah, I don’t know about that either. She made me say it out loud, and it made me feel pretty silly.


You try saying that to yourself three times a day without feeling a little ridiculous. I dare you.

All hesitation aside, some of the points Morgan read out did ring true. Who doesn’t want more confidence and positive energy in their life? You can never have enough!

With any luck all her positive thinking will rub off on me.



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