The Divas Take Paint Nite

Holy crap! Have any of you ever been to a Paint Nite? I’m assuming they have them in cities and towns all over the place, and not just in my one horse town! Last night, myself and all the girls that I work with at the diner (we made the boys close the place down for a change) attended one at a local pub. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun!

Now let me tell you, I am NOT an artist! Not by any means. As a matter of fact, I’m terrible. Always have been. When I was a child I thought I had serious talent; thought I was the next Picasso. Turns out I wasn’t. If I were my parents, I would not have kept all my paintings over the years. I know they were just being polite.

That being said, I am super proud of myself and what I did last night! Everyone I work with killed it! Very proud of us.

The woman who ran the night was so fun and informative! We bought the tickets (about $25 through Groupon) and they supplied the paint, canvases, aprons, and the lesson. Not to mention that the music was awesome! So fun and funky! One minute we were listening to the Grease soundtrack, then Bob Marley came on, and then some top 40. I sang, I danced, I laughed; and all with only one glass of wine in me! Okay, maybe two. Usually I’m way too shy to just let loose like that. It was so refreshing!

Not to mention my diner family; I love those girls! They are beyond amazing, and so fun to spend time with! I really am blessed to have found a job where I get to work with my best friends every day.


So, at the end of it all, here we are! Showing off our spring sunset inspired paintings. Or maybe it was sunrise… No, I’m pretty sure it was sunset! But I guess we’ll never know for sure.

I seriously encourage everyone to look into this! Even if you’re not an artist, or if painting isn’t your thing; you might surprise yourself!

Or you know, you could just go for the wine.





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