Baking with Mary Berry

Happy Friday my loves! A few weeks ago I bought the cookbook "Baking with Mary Berry". Now, if you don't know who Mary Berry is, chances are you're not British, you don't watch The Great British Bake-Off, or you don't love sweet treats. She is the Queen of British Baking, and just a queen in … Continue reading Baking with Mary Berry


April Faves

Hello all! It's that time again! The end of another month, means the start of a new monthly favourites post! I have a lot this month guys, so I apologize ahead of time! I hope you read all the way through and enjoy! Let's dive in! First up, makeup MAC brow pencil in brunette, and … Continue reading April Faves

What’s In My Bag

Hello lovelies! I have seen so many people writing these posts recently, but when I saw Jessica Jade's post this morning I was inspired! Her blog is amazing by the way, go check it out if you haven't already! So, ready to see what's in my bag? Get ready for the excitement! First of all, the bag … Continue reading What’s In My Bag

Makeup Wish-List

Hello friends! As if I don't have enough makeup already, I have begun compiling a makeup wish-list! These are all products I have every intention of purchasing in the near future; aka, before I leave on my trip! It's not very long, but I'm sure it will be added to in a few days. Here … Continue reading Makeup Wish-List

Girls Night

Happy Sunday all! So, last night I hit the town with three of my best girlfriends! My old roommate Victoria who you first met in my post Running Away (At least For a Day Or Two), and then our friends Vanessa and Jess. Originally I had planned to do a whole Get Ready With Me post … Continue reading Girls Night

Update/ Review: Micellar Water and Cleanser

Hello lovelies! So a few weeks ago I wrote a post when I purchased the Garnier Micellar Water, and a Biore Baking Soda Cleanser. I've been using these products for a little bit now so I just thought I would come back and update you with how I feel about them.   First off, the … Continue reading Update/ Review: Micellar Water and Cleanser

First Impression: The Body Shop InstaBlur Primer

Hey all!  So the other day when I was at the mall I picked up the InstaBlur primer from The Body Shop. For the past few months I've been using an Urban Decay primer which you can read about here in my  Current Beauty Favourites post. It's not gone get, but I've heard good things about … Continue reading First Impression: The Body Shop InstaBlur Primer