My Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello again,

It’s me; the makeup hoarder! Here to talk to you about some little slices of heaven. Okay, that’s probably a bit over the top; but sometimes life just calls for a little bit of overzealous flare.

Now, eyeshadow is something that I have never really mastered. Yes, I can apply it, and yes it usually looks pretty dang nice if I do say so myself. But the whole blending multiple colours together to create something altogether unique- yeah… that part I haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet… But I’m working on it! I’m always working on it.

I don’t have many eyeshadow palettes, but the ones I do have I love! I’m a girl who’s pretty much attracted to neutrals exclusively. Power to all you lovely ladies who rock the bright greens and yellows and pinks on your faces- I just don’t think I can pull it off! I tend to stick to smokey eyes and tans and creams. Nothing too out there. Just like with my wardrobe; pretty much all you’ll find there is blacks, greys, and dark blues. But I am trying to branch out for Spring! But more about that later.


Pretty standard; does anyone not have at least one of the Naked palettes in their repertoire? They are so dang nice! The colours, the pigmentation, the smooth and creaminess of the shades. I’m a huge fan, and I know you probably are too.


I picked this guy up from Sephora a while back. It’s pretty basic, but the colours are a great starting out point. I go through a lot of phases with eyeliner; whether or not I want a pencil, cream, or liquid. But for a while there I was using the black shade in this palette to dust along my bottom lashes. Created a great smokey, kinda grungy effect. I was a big fan. As a matter of fact I might start bringing that back…



I purchased this back in December when I was in London. I took advantage of being in another country; I spent a good deal of my time browsing the local Boots and Super Drug, and spent a good chunk of my money on makeup brands that I can’t get here.

Look at all those nice neutral browns, and burgandys, and creams! I had to have it.







Another London find! The pigment of these colours is fantastic! They go on so smooth and there’s no flaking. There’s a few really pretty rosey pinks in this palette that I love! That’s about as lively as my eye-makeup gets!



I have yet to use this palette! I just bought it because it is so dang cute! I bought it at Sephora in Paris, it’s part of an exclusive collection. The packaging is what really drew me in. It’s so pink and girly and pretty, and it was just a fun little keepsake of an awesome trip.









Well, that’s about all folks! Hope you enjoyed!

Anyone out there have any palettes they want to suggest for me? Nothing too crazy! But I wouldn’t say no to branching out from the neutrals.. maybe just a little!








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