MAC: New Makeup Haul & Everyday Makeup Look

What’s up loves!

Yesterday I dangerously took a trip to MAC. I say dangerously, because I mean it! I can’t step foot in that place and just pick up one thing. But at least I know this now, so it’s not quite as big of a shock when I get up to the till and see what a fortune I’ve spent.


Since I used all of this on my face this morning, I thought I would not only show you what I got, but also what it looks like on!

FullSizeRender-88 The first think I picked up was a brow pencil. MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in the shade Brunette. I have pretty thick and full brows anyway, but it’s nice to have the option to shade in a few places, and add a little extra colour.


I also picked up MAC Brow Set just in clear. This is just to hold my brows in place. As well as being thick and full they are also quite long, and need to learn to be tamed! I’m hopeful that this will help.







Then I picked up a Matte Lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy. Because ya know, how  can ya not? It’s such a gorgeous shade! It suites so many skin tones and can be used for the day or night time. Thank you Kylie Jenner for drawing the worlds attention to this beautiful product.





Lastly I picked up this gorgeous show-stopper. I saw it and instantly fell in love! It is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in the colour Otherearthly. Oh my god damn this is so nice! If you blend all the colours together it makes the nicest peach shade with the perfect shine which looks so nice on the cheeks! I can tell you right now I will be using this religiously this spring/ summer!


So, those are the products I purchased, now I’ll give ya a little peek at what they look like on!


I am loving this look! It’s so pretty and elegant yet simple and natural. I can wear this to work, or I can wear it out to dinner. I’m also wearing my favourite MAC foundation and face powder, which you can read about in my Current Beauty Favourites post!


So there ya go! So easy, yet classic. This look is my new obsession and I can’t wait to wear it on the regular.


Today has been such a good day off! Oh, and side note, this post has been so friggin hard to write. I just got fake nails today for the first time in over a year and I am so not used to them anymore! But they look good as hell so I can’t really complain.

I really wanted to get nails again for a trip I am going to be taking in a month! Holy eff I am beyond stoked you have no idea!

I have another haul post that will be up in the next day or so about outfits I have picked up for my trip! I hope you like that one!

Also, I hope you liked this post! And I hope you’re all having a beautiful day.

What are some beauty products you’re loving for Spring?



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