April Faves

Hello all!

It’s that time again! The end of another month, means the start of a new monthly favourites post! I have a lot this month guys, so I apologize ahead of time! I hope you read all the way through and enjoy!

Let’s dive in!

First up, makeup

MAC brow pencil in brunette, and MAC Velvet Teddy. Highly recommend them both! This lipstick is the only one I have been wearing lately, and the brow pencil totally keeps my brows in check.

Garnier Micellar Water. This. Shit. Is. Gold. Get it! I haven’t heard one person complain!

Next up; fashion

My new Matt and Nat bag. I bought this for my trip! It is over the shoulder, has plenty of pockets, but isn’t too big! Plus it is this gorgeous creamy beige colour that will go with everything!

Then my new Adidas shoes. I am beyond in love with these. Again, purchased for my trip! They are slip-ons and so comfy! Perfect for wandering the streets of Spain!

Next up; music

Ok, so top left, Fifth Harmony. I am all about girl-power music. I like to pretend I’m above it all, but who am I kidding. They are so good! I love listening to their music when I’m at the gym! Good pump-up tunes!

Next to that is Acres of Lions. They are a band from a town not far from where I live; I have had the pleasure of seeing them play on more than one occasion. I’ve met them too, and they are all super rad dudes! I’ve recently rediscovered how catchy their music is, and it is bringing back some pretty great memories from a few years back.

Bottom is Mindil Beach Markets. Although I think they just go by Mindil Beach now. Again, another band from close by, who I have seen perform and met on more than one occasion. They again are so great! I have been obsessed with their music since the first time I heard one of their songs nearly four years ago now. I seriously urge you to look them up! If you like rock music mixed with a little hip-hop and reggae you won’t be disappointed!

This next one is also music related. On April 1st I went to a show with a few friends, and it was just one of those nights that is pure gold!

The band is called Band of Rascals. Again, I know these guys! I’ve known them for years! They are the nicest bunch of guys you will meet, and genuinely SO talented! I’m leaving a link to their facebook page, and I strongly encourage you to check them out here!

FullSizeRender-140My next favourite is hiking! As much as I love the gym, as the weather gets nicer it’s a good idea to try to be more active outside! Pictured to the right is my friend T and myself on a hike up a local mountain.

My last favourite is super random, but I don’t care!


Lemonade! Lately I have been OBSESSED with lemonade. Maybe it’s the warmer weather, I don’t know, but I can’t stop drinking it! And I’m not one to usually drink fizzy drinks or pop or anything. But seriously. Lemonade is so dang good. I’m drinking some as I write this.

DONE! Hope you all enjoyed my friends!

I’d love to know your April Favourites!

Peace and love x

Pictured on the left is my friends and myself before we went out.


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