What’s In My Bag

Hello lovelies!

I have seen so many people writing these posts recently, but when I saw Jessica Jade’s post this morning I was inspired! Her blog is amazing by the way, go check it out if you haven’t already!

So, ready to see what’s in my bag? Get ready for the excitement!


First of all, the bag I am using right now is my black Guess bag. I bought this at the beginning of March and I am still so in love! I change bags so quickly, so probably you’ll see me with a different one soon, but for now, this bag is bliss!

I tossed away the crumpled receipts and gum wrappers for you! Didn’t think you would care too much about that.


Super exciting stuff!

  1. Nivea Lip Balm. I can’t go anywhere without a lip balm! And Nivea’s are so nice and moisturizing.
  2. A pen. Pretty basic. I’m a writer at heart and you never know when inspiration will strike!
  3. My car keys with my frequent steeper card! Shout out if you know what that is.
  4. Royal Apothic hand cream. This is in the scent Limoncello. It smells SO good! Reminds me of being in Italy. Not that I’ve ever been to Italy… but in a few weeks I will have!
  5. My Matt and Nat Wallet. Matt and Nat is such a great brand! Their products are vegan and made from recycled pop bottles! Pretty cool, huh?
  6. Tylenol. I’m a waitress and deal with annoying customers all day; I need it!
  7. A random iTunes card. I have no idea where that came from.
  8. My RayBans. Love!
  9. 3 MAC lipsticks! Because one is never enough. Russian Red, Velvet Teddy, and Creme Cup.


10. “Each Day A New Beginning: Daily Meditation For Women” Because we all need a little positive energy and inspiration once in a while.

11. My makeup bag! Never know when you are going to need a touch up!

So there you are friends! Not hugely exciting but that’s what’s in my bag right now. I’d love to see what’s in yours!



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