Mini Home Haul

Morning my loves!

So, I have this problem where I keep shopping for the home I want, not the one I have.. I guess that’s not REALLY a problem. It’s more like me working towards my goals… right? That’s what I’m going to tell myself anyway.

So currently I live with my parents. Obviously this is not ideal, but after living on my own for a long time and moving around between the mainland and the island, going to school and going travelling, it’s always nice to know that I can come back to my parents for a period of time and regather myself. And be able to save some money!

Once I return from my trip at the end of the month I will be looking to move out again, and so lately I can’t stop looking for things to decorate my apartment with… the one I currently don’t have.

ANYWAY. I was just browsing Winners this morning, killing some time, and I found a few things that I just knew I had to have.



The first thing I spotted was this adorable cream and sugar set. I am pineapple obsessed so I had to have these! They are SO CUTE. Not to mention I am tea and coffee obsessed so these will go to great use! Each piece was $3.99.


Then I found this marble cake stand, on sale for $8.00. The baker in me is freaking out!








This little stand up silver clock is so cute and would look great on a bedside table, or end table in a living room. And only $11.



The last thing I picked up was this adorable little plate. Would be great to put rings on, or just as a decoration on a dresser or coffee table or something. And the little saying; You Belong Right Here, how perfect for a home! And it’s just quite comforting and soothing as well. What a nice thought.

That’s all! Short but sweet. I can’t wait to have my own place again and decorate it exactly how I want! It’s such a nice feeling.

Hope you enjoyed, have a great weekend my friends!




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