Brighton; Day 1

Hi friends! 

Just a short update; I’ve not been up to much today as I’ve only just arrived and I am incredibly jetlagged! The flight was long as hell and I thought I would go insane. I was so relieved when I finally touched down in London and was able to get the heck off! I’m not afraid of flying, but I get a little antsy after long periods of time of sitting in the same place. 

Plus, I’m quite tall! So I have no leg room on the plane and can never get comfy. ANYWAY. I’m done my bitchfest now! Sorry. 

Brighton is beautiful, and the weather today is gorgeous! Not always my experience when I come to England. 

I went for a walk along the seaside, and of course stopped for some gelato. I’m on holiday, I’m allowed! Although I am already looking forward to getting back to the gym when I’m home. 

Just a quiet one for the rest of the day I think! Hanging out with the friends I’m staying with and taking it easy. Can’t wait for bed already! 

Then tomorrow I can wake up, and hopefully have the energy for something a bit more exciting! 



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