Kill The Clutter

"An organized life is the key to happiness" At least that's what mama always said. HA! Just kidding. My mother has never said those words to me. She has however, told me that I am a pack-rat and a hoarder. I used to fight her on that, but these days I tend to agree. I... Continue Reading →


My Five Faves: Summer Lipsticks

Hey friends! I'm back! Back with another post where I talk about my crazy lipstick obsession. Seriously, someone help me! Right before deciding to write this post I was browsing the web, trying to find some shades that I might not have; a brand I might not have tried. Seriously, the addiction is real. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Late Night Mini Drugstore Haul

Hey lovelies, happy Monday! Last night, after what was a stressful evening at work, before I headed home I decided to hit up the local Shoppers Drug Mart, AKA my favourite place ever. Seriously, I spend far too much money there, far too often. BUT, it's been a while since I had a nice little splurge and... Continue Reading →

Review: Maybelline ColorTattoo Concentrated Crayon

Hi friends! The other day I talked about these Maybelline Color Tattoo Concentrated Pencils in my (Delayed) June Beauty Favourites post. I purchased it in two colours; Lavish Lavender and Charcoal Chrome.  I used to have a whole bunch of the Color Tattoo Gel Eyeshadows, but one day I went to put one of them on, and it made my eyes burn like hell!... Continue Reading →

30 Questions Beauty Tag

Morning my loves! You know how much I love sharing a little insight into my world, and learning about all of you! So today I am going to do the 30 Questions Beauty Tag! It's very straightforward, I am going to answer these 30 questions, and then at the end I'm gonna tag a few of... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle Changes

A few days ago I was hanging out at work (the diner that more or less only sells meat and potatoes) and it occured to me; I had reached a point where I was either going to order a huge chunk of steak, or I was going to become a vegan. Polar opposites I know!... Continue Reading →

(Delayed) June Beauty Favourites

Hey all! So, like I said this blogging thing has not been my strong point lately. So today I have my delayed June Faves for ya! There's not very many this time around, because once summer hits I tend to keep my makeup to more of a minimum. Plus I use the same products so... Continue Reading →

(Overdue) Europe Beauty Buys

  Hola friends! So, clearly it has taken me a friggin long time to get back into the blogging thing since Europe. I've just been in a kind of post-holiday funk, but I think I'm finally starting to snap out of it! So I thought I would share with you the few beauty products I... Continue Reading →

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