Lifestyle Changes

A few days ago I was hanging out at work (the diner that more or less only sells meat and potatoes) and it occured to me; I had reached a point where I was either going to order a huge chunk of steak, or I was going to become a vegan. Polar opposites I know!

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 9 years now, and I’ve toyed with the idea lately of eating meat again. But I really don’t know if I can. Also in the back of my mind has always been the idea of going vegan. So I decided to take a step in that direction.

Ever since I got home from Italy, where I ate pretty much pasta and bread for every meal, every day, I’ve had such a hard time getting back into the swing of working out and staying healthy. So becoming a vegan is just a way of me trying to grab my life and get myself in control again.

After unlimited wine and pizza I’ve gotten back to working out almost every day, and eating more greens. Not gonna lie to ya, my favourite food is broccoli, so I’m happy with plenty of greens in my diet! But I am also addicted to popcorn and fuzzy peaches. So you see the issue.


Also let me just preach about how unbelievable my dinner tonight was. I made a rice bowl with chickpeas, sweet potato, broccoli, and an avocado sauce I made with olive oil and coconut milk. Friggin delish my friends, let me tell ya!

So yeah, I’m not saying being a vegan is something I’m going to stick with forever (I already miss cheese, HELP) but it’s something I feel strongly about right now and want to see how it goes.

As far as excersise; I love the gym, and I would spend hours a day there if I could. But I’ve never been truly happy with the way my body looks (who is?) so I’m working on it, but I’m determined to do it in a healthy way.

Anyway, don’t know why but I thought I would share these thoughts with you my friends. Hope you are all having a great weekend




4 thoughts on “Lifestyle Changes

  1. Wow that bowl looks SO good! I too thought cheese would be hard to give up, but there are so many unbelievable non dairy cheeses these days! You really won’t be missing out on much! And just think, by giving up dairy you won’t be supporting the enslavement and torture of mother cows and their babies 🙂 I know you can do it!! ❤️❤️❤️

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