Review: Maybelline ColorTattoo Concentrated Crayon

Hi friends!

The other day I talked about these Maybelline Color Tattoo Concentrated Pencils in my (Delayed) June Beauty Favourites post. I purchased it in two colours; Lavish Lavender and Charcoal Chrome. 

I used to have a whole bunch of the Color Tattoo Gel Eyeshadows, but one day I went to put one of them on, and it made my eyes burn like hell! I didn’t even get any in my eye, it was just on my eyelid. I quickly ran to the bathroom and washed it off, and then proceeded to throw them all out. Anyone else experienced this? It was terrifying and weird as hell. They weren’t super old either so I don’t really know what happened there.

I saw these pencils, and was immediately attracted to the bold metal colours, and so even though I was a bit hesitant I thought I would give them a go. And so far I am happy to say, no burning eyes!

The consistency of these is so nice and creamy! They go on so easy with just a few swipes across the eyelid.

Charcoal Chrome                                                                                                                   Lavish Lavender 


These are nice to use if you want to coat your whole lid, but I’ve also been swiping the charcoal one across my bottom lashes and just using as a quick go-to dark eyeliner. You know I’m all about that eyeliner life.

Not to mention these making creating a smokey eye so easy. Like literally, just swipe a few times, maybe use a second colour to create a bit of depth and you’re done. Easy-peasy!

That’s just what I did last weekend on Canada Day, and I got tons of compliments on the look!
And it looks pretty nice with a bright red lip too, I say!IMG_3965









So I’m a pretty big fan of these guys! Good job Maybelline! It’s an easier alternative to the pots of gel shadow too; perfect for the lazy girl! AKA, yours truly.

I would definitely purchase these again, provided they don’t make me feel like someone has lit a fire behind my eyelids. I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen again!

Have you tried these? What did you think?



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