Review: John Frieda in Shower Hair Treatment

Yo yo!

So I had a request to do a review, on the John Frieda In Shower Hair Treatment I mentioned in my Late Night Mini Drugstore Haul post. I bought it a few days ago, and tried it out the next night.

Here are my thoughts for those who want to know! And shout out to Brunette Fun who sent the request!



This stuff was super easy to use. Apply to wet hair, leave on for five minutes, rinse out, and then follow it up with conditioner.

The only thing I wasn’t into, was the smell. It STINKS of chemicals, but what do you expect for a blonde hair treatment, right?

Smell aside, this stuff is pretty good!


The picture on the right is my hair before. Still nice and blonde, but a little brassy at the roots. On the left is my hair after I used the treatment and dried it. Not bad right!

Not a huge difference, but enough that I can see! I wasn’t going for a drastic change anyway; I would go back to my stylist for that! This was just for a little home care before my next appointment.


No complaints from this girl! I give this product a big thumbs up, and would definitely use again!

Hope some of you found this helpful! Let me know if there are other products you want me to review!

Peace x


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