I Have Something to Say

What’s up friends! So, on Friday night I went to a local bar with a friend. Another friend is the manager and was working that night, and I’m also pretty tight with the bouncer. So all in all, it’s always a fun place to hang out, and for the most part I feel secure there. To be honest, some of the clients are a little rough around the edges, and as a young girl I am constantly being hit on by someone much older who I just wish would go away. But Friday night something totally different happened. It was … Continue reading I Have Something to Say

Online Beauty Buys

Hello my beautiful friends! So, recently I ordered a few products online from Sephora (because I wasn’t there like a week ago, ya I know… I have a problem) and yesterday they arrived in the mail. Yippee! So I of course thought I would share with you what I bought. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough considering how much I already own. Enjoy! I have THE WORST pores. Like seiously, they are huge and ugly and they just suck all of my makeup in and make my face a cakey mess. Anyone else? Cause it seems like it’s just … Continue reading Online Beauty Buys