October Favourites

I haven’t done a Favourites post in what feels like a friggin life time! I love these kinds of posts; they’re a great way to get your ideas and opinions out there, not to mention a great way to learn about new products and things from other bloggers!

I have a lot this month; and some are a little random, not gonna lie! Let’s dive right in.


Both my beauty favourites are MAC this month. The first, is their lipstick Blankety. I am obsessed with this shade, and I have been since I first bought it. It’s a super nice and subtle nude shade that is good for day and night. I love it, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever stop wearing it.

The second is their beautiful blush in OtherEarthly. SERIOUSLY. These colours blended together on the cheeks is PERFECTION. I wear it every day. Can’t go without.



My leather jacket. I wear this puppy almost every day and constantly get complimented on it. Believe it or not, it’s from Forever 21, and cost me a whopping $29 (Canadian). This is a great piece for Fall, and really pretty timeless. Clothing like this never goes out of style.



Amy Schumer is a goddess, my ultimate girl crush, and just friggin hilarious. Her book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is funny and heartfelt, and totally puts her in a different light. She has so many levels to her, and I am loving reading this book and finding out about them. Definitely recommend!

Everyone LOVES Friends. Am I right, or am I right? Luckily all ten seasons are on Netflix which is awesome for me because I have been binge watching the hell out of them. No Regrets.


A few weeks ago I was travelling home on the ferry from the mainland, and I spotted this journal while browsing the gift shop. 52 Lists for Happiness. First of all, the colours and design of this journal are BEAUTIFUL, and second of all it is laid out in such a fun and unique way to just your average journal. From “List Everything You are Good at”, “List the Routines in Your Work and Personal Life”, and “List What Makes You Happy Right Now” (just a few examples) this journal has everything. And it is so nice and calming to sit down and actually think out what to write. I look forward to filling out these lists every week.

Meditation is something I have recently taken up. Just a few quiet moments out of a busy and hectic day to relax and reflect on life. I’m not very good at it yet, but with some dedication and commitment I’m sure I can take it far.


First up; earl grey tea. That shit is my jam! I drink at least 5 cups a day and just can’t get enough! It’s the perfect drink. Add a little milk and honey and I am one hell of a happy girl.

Starbucks Vanilla Latte. Pretty much the only thing I order from there. It’s so classic (and basic, I admit) you can’t go wrong.

There we are my friends! Hope you enjoyed my October Faves!

Did you write a favourites post this month? Comment with a link; I’d love to read it!

Peace x


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