Question of the Year

“You’re so pretty! Why are you single?”

“But you’re so tall!All the boys must love that!”

“You’re smart, how are you still single?”

“You’re like, the sweetest person I know, how are you not in a relationship?”

Good Lord, I LOVE when people ask me these questions!! Or I hate it, one of the two.

But you know what, they kind of have a point, and they kind of start to get me thinking.

Why AM I single?

I am smart, young, attractive, adventurous, creative, and I’m pretty dang hilarious if I do say so. And seriously, I’m not full of myself; it has taken me a long time to get to a point where I can realize these things and say them outloud without feeling like a dumbass.

The truth is every guy I have dated has turned out to be no good for me, and every relationship has ended with me getting my heart broken, staying in bed and eating nothing but ice cream and poutine for a week. KIDDING (mostly).

I’ve tried the whole Tinder thing and Plent of Fish thing, and those sites are terrifying. Tinder was okay, I went on a few dates with guys off of that that weren’t terrible, but to be honest it’s just not for me. It feels too forced, like I’m sitting there in awkward silences and I HAVE to find something in common with the guy immediately or it won’t work.

I deleted those sites pretty much as soon as I got them; I guess I just believe in meeting someone the old-fashioned way. I still dream about walking down the street and seeing the guy I know I am destined to be with. I still believe in love at first sight.

But none of that really answers the question. My FAVOURITE question of all time.

Why am I single

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it might interest you to know that I choose to be single.

I choose to be single because I’m twenty four and I don’t want to waste my time in a mediocre relationship that will last for a few months, I’ll be all in and then I’ll get hurt again.

I’m single because I live in a small town filled with hunters and fishermen, and while there is nothing wrong with that, as a vegetarian, we probably won’t have much in common.

In that same small town where everyone knows my older brother and loves him, no one wants to be the guy that dates his younger sister.

Why am I single? Because there’s nothing fucking wrong with being single. I’ll find love again, and when I do I will embrace it and it will be amazing. But until then, I’m single because I’m choosing me and my own happiness right now.

If you’re single ladies- and guys. EMBRACE IT! Friggin own it. Love it. Go out with your friends, have some drinks, flirt with a stranger in a bar, take yourself out to lunch, buy yourself that new purse or coat you’ve been looking at. You don’t need anyone else to do those things, and neither do I.

I’m single because until I find the right guy, I’m choosing me. And I seriously encourage you to do the same.

Peace x


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