Baking With Tanya

Hello my sweets!

Today I was lucky enough to finally have a day off, and since the weather has been pretty crappy lately (it’s 3pm and it looks like it should be 9pm) I thought I would bake some cookies. I’ve also been promising my friends Carlie and Morgan that I would make them some cookies for a while now so I figured I had better deliver.

One of my favourite cookie recipes I got from the book Love, Tanya. Tanya Burr is a Youtuber, Blogger, and just in general internet sensation. She’s quirky, she’s funny, she’s beautiful, and I kind of wish she was my friend. That’s normal.. right? (awkward).

Her Triple Chocolate Cookie recipe is TO DIE FOR. Totally unhealthy, probably give you a heart attack if you eat too many, but freaking delicious.


I dawned my favourite apron that looks like a kilt (holla if you’re Scottish) and got to work. Please excuse my makeup-free face but I just couldn’t be bothered today.

This recipe is pretty easy to follow, and literally only takes ten minutes to prep, and then ten minutes to bake. You really only need one mixing bowl too so cleanup is super easy. Thank god cause I friggin hate cleanup.


Now these yummy and chocolatey creations are sitting on my counter cooling, and I am fighting every urge not to shove four in my face. Gotta make sure they actually make it to Carlie and Morgan later.


Hope you enjoyed this random little rainy day post! Wish me luck that I can get these cookies to my friends before I demolish them!

Peace x


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