I Have Something to Say

What’s up friends!

So, on Friday night I went to a local bar with a friend. Another friend is the manager and was working that night, and I’m also pretty tight with the bouncer. So all in all, it’s always a fun place to hang out, and for the most part I feel secure there. To be honest, some of the clients are a little rough around the edges, and as a young girl I am constantly being hit on by someone much older who I just wish would go away.

But Friday night something totally different happened. It was nearing the end of the night, and I was just chilling at the bar browsing through my phone when a guy came up and just awkardly stood beside me, staring at me. Like I’m talking a solid thirty seconds at least before he said anything. In fact it was me who broke the silence, just saying “hi”.

“You know,” was the guys response, “you really shouldn’t wear so much makeup.”

I was SHOCKED. I sat there in silence feeling my cheeks grow warmer and redder.

“Excuse me?” I finally squeaked out.

“Your makeup; it’s too much. You really shouldn’t wear so much; I hate it when girls do that.”

First of all, I don’t think I wear too much makeup. Any one of you who read this blog can agree or disagree; you’ve seen tons of pictures of me. But anyway, I really don’t wear that much makeup. But even if I did, who the fuck is this guy to tell me otherwise? It’s none of his business what I choose to put on my face.

I was shocked, and obviously a little upset. The guy then went on to tell me that he could show me how I should look, and he could help me feel better about myself and look better and more appealing to men.

I calmly smiled, told the guy that I was perfectly happy with myself, and I thought I looked great; I’d never had any complaints.

Again, who the HELL did this guy think he was?!

Ladies -and gentlemen- don’t EVER let anyone tell you that you wear too much makeup, or that your hair is wrong, or that your clothes are last season, or whatever. Do your makeup how you want, and dress how you want, and fuck what other people have to say. It’s ridiculous. Only you are in charge of how you look and feel. Don’t give someone else that power.

Sorry for this little rant post, but I just had to get that off my chest. It drives me crazy when people think they have the right to tell others how to be.


Rant over. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Peace x


6 thoughts on “I Have Something to Say

  1. Omg. If that was me he would have had a swift kick to the head. Like did he think that would make you feel better.

    Girrrlll, you wear as much makeup as you want. If you want to cake your face… you do that ( im not saying you do ) x

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  2. OH HECK NO. That makes me so mad, like didn’t his mamma tell him, “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all?” And beyond that- you really do NOT wear too much makeup, like you are just a natural beauty, so you probably just reminded him of someone from his past or something hahah. Girl- you do you. And even if you wanna wear a ton of makeup – DO IT! Ok. My rant is over now too 😉 Have a great week, sweet thang!

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