Friend Day

Hello my sweets! Been a while! Sorry, but life has been hectic to say the least. I just got off a nine day stretch of work, I’ve been sick for about the past 3 weeks, I was house-sitting, and of course with Christmas coming I have been shopping faaaar too much recently! At least it’s for other people though, and not for me!

… weeellllll mostly for other people. After hardly seeing each other recently, my best friend Morgan and I decided to spend some quality time together and hit the mall to finish up some Christmas shopping, and because I was in desperate need of new foundation since I squeezed the last little bit of life out of mine yesterday… that’s a bit morbid but, you get it. img_4819

After finding some great presents for people, I of course had to pop in to MAC and Sephora. Morgan isn’t really a makeup girl- she’s been using the same thing of foundation for SIX YEARS. Not the same brand,the EXACT SAME TUBE. I demanded she throw it out for the sake of her skin, but she insists it’s fine. Don’t worry, I’ll convince her eventually.


Not too exciting, from MAC I picked up a fresh Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation, and the Skin Finish Natural Powder. Nothing new here, I’ve been using these products for ages and I love them!

But when the salesgirl told me that they had just launched their Mariah Carey Collection, I could not resist picking up one of her lipsticks. Just look at that gold and sparkly packaging. Who COULD resist? It’s a nude creme sheen lipstick called DAHHLINGGG! Love it.

Lastly from NARS I picked up a blush in the colour Madly. A nice and subtle brown tone with a hint of sparkle. Great for the fall and winter!

Hope you enjoyed this quick little haul post! Once my life has a little more sense of normal in it I hope to update you all more.

Just know I love you!

Peace x



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