Book Update

Hey friends,

So I’m going to take a bit of a different direction on the blog today. If you recall, a while back I gave you guys a little insight into a different part of my life, when I gave you a little taste of the novel I was working on. You can read that post here: I Think You Should Know

WELL, after four years of working on this product that is very, very close to my heart, I am so happy to announce that it is done. It’s done. My book, my novel, my baby, is done. Well, at least I think it is. So while I am working up the nerve to show the world my work, I thought I would share with you a little taste once again.

I really hope you like it.



It was kind of poetic really; Katie couldn’t help but smile about it. There she sat, in her car, fiddling with her heat knobs, and biting her nails, trying to calm the fast beat of her heart. After she had hung up the phone with Julian, she had thrown on an old pair of black leggings, an old Vans hoody that had been stolen at some point from Danny and quickly headed out; tiptoeing out the door, trying her hardest not to wake her parents. She had agreed to meet him at the same place she had first met him; the old farm that was the site of their favourite music festival that past summer. He said it was where he went when he needed to think; it was a farm his uncle had worked on when he was a little kid and he used to tag along and help.

“Shit, here he comes,” she whispered to herself as she suddenly spotted his shadow walking towards her. She suddenly wished she had thought to fix her messy bedhead, or put on some mascara at least. “Too late now,” she mumbled as she turned off the car, opened her door and slid out.

She nearly fell over when he made eye contact with her. How did he do it? How could he make her act like this? Feel like this? It wasn’t fair.

“Hey,” he smiled at her.

  “Hi,” she smiled back.

“Thanks for coming.”

“Why am I here, Jules?”

Katie stared into his eyes and realized that Julian was close to tears. He broke eye contact and turned his face to the ground, embarrassed for her to see him that way.

“Julian, what is going on? You’re scaring me.”

“Kat, you deserve better; you know that right? You deserve so much better than me, than Jesse, than any of it.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You can do so much better.”

Katie wanted to keep her calm; she wanted to remain cool. but she couldn’t anymore. She had had enough.

“You brought me here to tell me that I’m too good for you?” She scoffed. “You really think I don’t know that? You’re the asshole that ignores me for weeks on end, tells me that you care about me and want me in your life, and then ignores me again, of course I can do better than you, you idiot.”

“I know,” he whispered, “and I’m sorry!”

“It doesn’t really matter that you’re sorry Jules, because the problem is that even though I know I can, I don’t want to do better than you.”

“What do you mean?”

Katie took a deep breath as she prepared to say the words that she had never really been able to say to anyone before, especially not Julian. For some reason, she was finally ready.

“I like you, Julian! I’ve always liked you. Since that first day I met you at this stupid farm I have liked you. Even though you ignore me, and even though you’re friends with Danny. Even though you’re an idiot. I like you, and I don’t think I can make it stop, because God knows I have been trying for months.”

She barely had time to take a breath before he was suddenly kissing her. She couldn’t believe it; she had been waiting for Julian Canter to kiss her for forever, and now here it was. It didn’t feel real. For a split second she thought about pushing him away; she knew this couldn’t be good for her.

Screw it, she decided. She leaned in to Julian, feeling his arms around her, pulling her close. She threw her arms around his neck and relished in the feel of his course stubble on her cheeks. This was heaven; it was everything she had imagined and more.


Any thoughts? Please be kind.

Peace x


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