Review: Bellá Pierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème

Hey lovelies,

So today I took a trip to the drugstore because I needed a new concealer… let’s jjust say that’s not all I bought… I have a problem, we know this.

ANYWAY. I found a pack of four of these liquid lipsticks, by a brand that I’ve never heard of. Always being up for trying something new, I decided to purchase and give them a go. Which, of course means I have to let all of you know about them.


Bellá Pierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème

This pack came with four really beautiful colours, and I won’t lie, I’m a pretty big fan of them all.

img_5180from top to bottom: Nude, Antique Pink, Hot Head, Rose Petal

The consistency of these lipsticks guys, is SO nice! It goes on so smooth and easy, and perfectly clings to my lip with the first coat. Seriously, this brand may be new to me, but it is great! And the colours are nice and vibrant which I love, and you cover all the bases with the four different shades.

So far, I give these 10/10. I haven’t worn any for a proglonged period of time yet, so depending on how they last during the day my opinion might change. But I’ll worry about that another time.

Peace x


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