Travel Diary: Costa Rica

Hey friends!

I’m going to try something different today, that I hope you all enjoy just the same.

Just over two years I embarked on a trip that I had always dreamt of taking, and finally gotten the money/ courage together to go for it.

I travelled to Costa Rica.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Contiki Tours, but in case you haven’t, they are a tour company based out of London, that offer tours all around the world. It is available to people aged 18-35, and you can pick the trip of your dreams whether it takes you to Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia, North America, etc.

I had already done a trip with Contiki about a year or so prior to this, and so I knew it would be a decision I wouldn’t regret. And so I packed my bags, got all my shots, and took off.



I started in the city; in San Jose, but before long I was off to Tortuguero, which translated to English means “Turtle Island.”

I rode on tiny boats through rough waters, I got caught in rainstorms so bad we couldn’t get off the tiny island. I saw stray dogs living on the beaches, I watched baby turtles hatch at dawn and make their way towards the sea as quickly as they could before the dangerous local wild life could get to them. I saw a sloth and cried because I was so happy.

Throughout the trip I travelled all across the jungle and the coast. I road horses through the rain forest, I snorkeled with fish, went kayaking, zip-lined through the jungle, stayed in bungalows infested with all sorts of bugs, saw wildlife I never thought I would see, stayed in tents in the trees in the jungle. I repelled down waterfalls, I learned to surf, got stung by jellyfish while on a catamaran cruise, and got the worst sun burn of my life.

I ate food I had never heard of before, and I learned to appreciate the ease of things back home. I went to a local school and learned traditional songs and dances that the children taught to me. I felt hospitality and friendliness that I had never felt before, and I doubt I ever will again. I was welcomed into the home of a man, Milton who owned a sugar cane plantation. He made us dinner, painted my face and taught us how to play local folk songs on hand made intruments. He provided us with one of the best nights of the trip, and he filled us full with homemade sugar cane moonshine.

I saw some of the sandiest beaches, and the clearest blue water. I had some wild nights out, but also plenty of downtime to really appreciate my surroundings.

Most importantly though, I shared this experience with people from all over the world; some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. I still miss them all, and I still hold out hope that I will see them again.

And I still hold out hope that I will go to Costa Rica again; I would be back in a heart beat.


Peace x


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