Let’s Recap

Hey beautiful people!

Just thought I would drop in and give you all a quick update on my life! Because it’s so exciting, and you all care SO much… that’s what I tell myself anyway…

To be fair, not a whole lot is new! Last time I did one of these little update things, I told you all that I was back in school for Event Planning, and I am loving it! And since it’s all do at your own pace, I’m almost done! It’s only been about two months, but I only have one and a half units left. And I think I’ve found my calling, because so far I have gotten two A+’s and two A’s.

Go me!!

After I finish this course, I have my Event Decor course, but I have a feeling I will breeze through that no problem.

So that’s about it for me really! Still working all the time, still dreaming of booking a trip some where far away…. the usual.

Anything new and exciting with you guys? Let me know! Keep me updated.

Peace x


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