A Hair Horror Story

Hey loves!

Bit of a different post today, as I am asking; more like pleading for your help.

As you know by now, I have been bleaching my hair blonde for about a year, and while I have managed to keep it healthy, the process is beginning to take its toll.

I am asking if anyone has any products they can recommend to add shine, strength, and softness back to my hair. As well as if you know of any products that would help the growth process.

PLEASE! Give me your advice, let me in on your wisdom. Help a sista out!

Thank youuuu



8 thoughts on “A Hair Horror Story

  1. JOHN FRIEDA damage repair!!!!! It works magic and keeps a cool blonde without the brassiness! It’s the ONLY thing that works for my hair (and I use the John Frieda toner/ highlight activating shampoo occasionally when needed)!!

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  2. I went from black to platinum to red violet to dirty blonde. My hairs been through it. I am a true fan on anything redken!!! It’s done wonders for my hair. In three years I’ve gone from a bob due to bleaching breaking it all off to hair that’s past the middle of my back. I use redken cleansing about once a week to strip my hair of build up and then I alternate between color extend and extreme! I use extreme anti snap when I get out of the shower or I use itsaten blonde. Once a week I use the extreme hair mask conditioner. Also invest in a good purple shampoo to keep your blonde bright! I use one about once a week. But seriously when you’re going from dark to blonde it’s hard to recover. And you miss that healthy shine from the dark! But this helped me so much!! I also love their diamond oil for blow dry/straightening 🙂

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  3. I’ve found the drug store shampoos and conditioners really drying on my blonde hair, particularly the john freida but i’m sure it’s different for everyone just depends on your hair! I use the loreal paris light pink bottled shampoo and conditioners from hair salons they’re about $26 each so a little pricey but not nearly as bad as kerastase and other super expensive ones! In addition I use the l’oreal golden tub treatment from drug stores and it’s AMAZING it’s normally only around $10 from priceline so you can use a fair amount without worrying you’re going to quickly, or if you want something a little less chemically the lush hair treatments are always my go to even if you just want to use it once a month for a hydration up keep! I also like to put an elixir serum on afterwards that you can get from the drug store that my hairdresser recommended, she said you can’t go wrong with serums even the cheap ones! Hope this helps, I hate it when my hair feels dry it’s awful! Xxx

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