What’s in My Bag

Hey loves!

It’s been a while since I blessed you with a What’s in my Bag post (kiiiiidding! But not really)

Anywho, I thought it was time I did this post again, since I change my burse about once a week… I wish I was kidding; trust me, I’m not.

Let’s start by talking about the bag


I am obsessed with this Fossil tote bag. I bought it last Spring and loveeeee it! It is huge, has little pockeys on the inside, and fits all my useless crap that I carry around with me for basically no reason. It goes with everything and I love the pattern.


Now let’s talk about the gems I have hidden in here.

Advil– cause I’m a waitress and a student and life stresses me out and I have a headache like every day

Guess Sunglasses– these bad boys are so pretty

London Toque– my dad picked this up for me on his most recent trip across the pond and I am obsessed

Keys– on my cariboo lanyard cause I’ll never grow up (Cariboo is a REALLY terrible beer brewed here)

Erin Condren Planner– look how pretty. SO pretty. And those rose gold accents; kill me.

Random die– I have NO idea where this came from or why it is in my purse

Hand Food-Soap and Glory hand cream, basically the best hand cream ever

2 MAC lipsticks– Velvet Teddy and Blankety; my go-tos

Random pink hi-lighter– Cause I’m a blogger and a writer, and I love the colour pink

Excel Gum– Cause who wants bad breath

Matt and Nat wallet– Because it is pretty and blue and holds all my cards and shit perfectly!

About ten random black pens– cause again, #bloglife and #studentlife and #writerlife and because I hate blue pens

There you go friends! My disaster of a bag! I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s in your bag?

Peace x


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