Review: Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel

Hey friends!

So today I wanted to share with you this new gem of a find! I have been having the hardest time finding a good mascara since I decided to stop getting eyelash extensions (I miss them every day…) but I think I finally found a winner!

I picked up Maybelline “The Falsies Push Up Angel” because it was on sale, and usually I love Maybelline mascaras; they NEVER let me down!

And let me tell you, this guy is keeping up with that tradition. I LOVE this mascara. I can’t stree that enough. The wand is perfect for lifting and spreading out my lashes; none clump together, and each one seems lengthened with extra volume.


I usually apply two to three coats, and even then, not a single clump. I will go back to eyelash extensions one day, but for now, this mascara totally does the job, and is a pretty great alternative.

Highly recommend! Give it a try!

What’s your favourite mascara?

Peace x


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