Girls Night

Hey friends!

So it’s been a little while, sorry bout thaaaat! Life has been crazy.

But, I decided to book this last weekend off, and I headed out of town to spend the weekend with some of my favourite people.

These ladies have gotten me through a lot over the years, and they always seem to be there for me no matter what. Life gets in the way though, and I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to anymore. So this weekend we took advantage.


We had a great time catching up, shopping, gossiping, dancing, meeting new people, and of course drinking a little too much… Let’s just say Monday was a little rough, but it was worth it.

In case anyone is interested:

Dress: Winners, $19.99

Choker: Ardenes, $6

** If you would like to see photos and know what makeup I was rocking that night, let me know!

I miss my friends already, but I must admit, it’s kinda nice to return to reality and get my life back on track.

How was your weekend?

Peace x


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