Catch Up


How are you? I miss you. It feels like it’s been years.

Life. Has. Been. Crazy.

Sorry I’ve been so MIA, I do have exciting things planned for the not too distant future. You know how summer just seems to eat up all your time? There is always something happening! I’m working full time, I’m still in school, I just got home from a bachelorette party (Unreal by the way!), I have a bday party this weekend, a wedding in Montreal the following weekend for my very, very, very best friend who I can’t wait to see. Trust me, I will fill you in on that one (if she’s okay with me documenting it for the blog…Syd if you read this I hope you say yeeeeesssss), I am so excited and counting down the days until I go and watch my best friend marry her best friend and love of her life. Then I come home and help my parents move, have another wedding about a week later, then another birthday, then MY birthday (25, I am terrified), and then I’m thinking life should be back to somewhat normal.

Fingers crossed anyway.

How are all of you?! Leave me a comment and tell me something exciting about your summer. I want to know everything!

Normal blog posts will resume soon, I promise!

Peace x


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