I Hate Packing…

Hi friends!

So Thursday morning I fly to Montreal for my bestie’s wedding, and I could not be more excited! I’m only going for a few days because I need to get back for work, but I have been trying to put together a pack list to make sure I don’t forget anything! I don’t get a checked bag on my flight so I have to fit everything into a carry on. I know I’m not going for very long, but I am notorious at overpacking!

Anybody have any tips for me?

Anyway, fitting everything into a carry on for just a few days isn’t really a huge challenge, but fitting all my toiletries and makeup and what not is! You probably know that you’re only allowed liquids in your carry on (this includes water, lotions, creams, toothpaste, cream foundation, liquid foundations, primer, concealer, etc.) that are 100ml or under. On top of that they have to all fit into a clear plastic bag that is no bigger than 1 litre.

So here’s what’s in my carry on toiletries:


First of all, I love my toiletry bag; but that is besides the point.

So in my clear bag I have my toothpaste, lotion, MAC Prep and Prime, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Maybelline Age Reqind Concealer, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, 2 Revlon nail polishes, my Boots No. 7 face wash and day cream, my Fijian Water Lily perfume from The Body Shop and my contacts and contact solution. There’s probably more, but who knows!

Then in my actual toiletry bag I have my makeup wipes, my toothbrush, aaaaallll my makeup (well, not all….), and a tangle teaser.

Since my flight leaves at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow morning( okay, it leaves at 6:50 am, but I have to be up at like 3) one of the benefits of having all my stuff in my carry on is that I can just worry about getting ready once I get to the airport in the morning. In between chugging back coffee and reading trashy magazines. I love doing that when I fly!

What am I most excited for though? Obviously to see my best friend again! And to celebrate with her. And to meet all of her friends and family taht I don’t know and just have a great few days before I have to come back to reality.

Peace x



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