What I Got For My 25th

Hey all!

As previously said, I thought I would share what I got for my 25th birthday with you all. This isn’t everything, but it’s most things, and it is some of my favourite things. But honestly the best part was just getting to spend my birthday surrounded by people who love me.


Frst up I got the Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer, and the Kat Von D Translucent Setting Powder. I have used both already (obviously) and LOVE them! Especially that setting powder. It is everything I could have hoped for and more.


My friend Jess got me this 300 Writing Prompts Journal which I can’t wait to dive into! And what is harder to see, is that underneath the journal is a beautiful blue scarf she also got me.



Vanessa got me two Lush Bath Bombs: Sex Bomb, and Dragon’s Egg, and two mini bottle of champagne, AKA, my favourite beverage.

What the two bottles of champagne are resting on is the beautiful coat my parents got for me. I. Am. Obsessed. I can’t wait for the weather to turn colder! This is going to be my Autumn/ Winter Staple.

Also in the photo at the top is my LuLu Lemon gift card which arrived in the mail today; THAAAAANKS Syd!

Aaaaand not pictured is a pizza key chain, and wooden decorative pineapple my friends Morgan and Carlie got me, and a perfume that my friend Lids bought me (Obvs not her real name).

And that’s about all! I love everything and I am so happy and thankful!

Peace x



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