The Liebster Award

Hey beautiful people!

So I have been lucky enough to have been nominated for The Liebster Award! This is my second time being nominated, and I am just as grateful now as I was then. I was nominated by the incredibly lovely Abi, over at AbiSays. Everyone should go check her out and subscribe to her blog because she rules, and you won’t regret it.


Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their post.
> Answer the 11 questions they asked you.
> Nominate 11 other bloggers, with your own set of 11 questions. (This may be tricky because I will probably struggle with both of these aspects, but I will try my very best)
> Tag your chosen 11 bloggers, and don’t forget to tell them as well


1 | If you could travel to one place, where would you go?

Honestly, I can’t pick anyone place; I want to see the entire world. BUT this time of year makes me really nostalgic for Scotland and England, so I would like to take a trip back there to see family and friends.

2 | What would be your ideal career path?

Oh man. Author, for one. That’s always been my dream. But I also want to be a big time business woman. I want to run my own company one day.

3 | Where do you think you’ll be 5 years from now?

Hopefully somewhere other than this small town. I miss the big city.

4 | What kind of blog posts do you regularly like to read?

I like to read beauty reviews and get other peoples opinion on things.

5 | Have you ever been abroad?

Hell yes.

6 | Do you have a pet?

My childhood family dog, but she lives with my parents.

7 | If you had to, which social media would you delete?


8 | What’s your favourite book series?

Oh boy. I want to say Harry Potter, but that feels too obvious. Nicci French writes a series of crime novels that is awesome.

9 | Who’s your favourite Youtuber?

Honestly, I don’t watch Youtube. But when I used to, it was Tanya Burr, so I’ll stick with her.

10 | If you could be in any movie, which one would you choose? Why?

Something with Maggie Smith. That woman is pure genius and grace and I love her.

11| Who is the biggest role model in your life?

Seriously! Why so tough. My Dad for always being an amazing role model and providing for his family; even if it meant putting his dreams on hold, my Mum for being so full of courage. She left her home in Scotland when she was in her early twenties and moved here to Canada. She left behind everything she knew for a new adventure. My brother, Reno, for always staying true to what is best for him and taking no shit from anyone. He lives the life he wants, and he is exactly himself and makes no apologies for it. And my best friend Sydney. Because I think she is one of the bravest, most generous, and the most loving and caring person I know. She sees the good in everyone, even when she can’t see it in herself.


1| What is your favourite season?

2| Favourite high end makeup brand?

3| What do you want to be when you grow up?

4| If you could hop on a plane tomorrow, where would you go?

5| Fruits or vegetables?

6| What’s your favourite scary movie?

7| Who do you look up to?

8| Coffee or tea?

9| What’s your favourite thing to blog about?

10| What’s your favourite book?

11| If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? and why?



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All these bloggers are amazing and deserve your love. So go show it!

Peace x

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