Spring Essentials

Hey lovies!

Springtime is without a doubt in the air, and I am in love with it. The sun has been shining, the days are longer, the air smells so clean and florally (is that even a word…?) and everything just seems a bit brighter.

I’ve put together a short little list of what are some of my Spring Essentials- you know, products that I tend to gravitate towards at this time of year.

Here we go!




Everyone needs a subtle- pink toned lipstick in the Spring. My go-to is Blankety by MAC. Honest to god I think I’ve probably told you about this lipstick about fifty times… probably more. It is just the perfect nude shade! It goes with everything, and I know this because I wear it with everything. It easily transitions from day to night, and you can wear it to the office, to brunch with the girls, or out on the town.








Skincare is so important- not just at this time of the year, but at every time. But in the Spring the air gets dryer and there is so much dust and dirt and pollen in the air. It is so important to keep your skin hydrated and taken care of. Garnier is one of my favourite skin care brands, and their Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask is hands down one of my favourite face masks. It advertises that it delivers 24 hour hydration, and I stand behind that statement. MY skin feels so energized after I use this mask!

A new product I have picked up is the Garnier Soothing Facial Mist. This stuff is vegan (which I LOVE) and made with rose-water (double love). You simply spritz a few spritzes on your face any time that you feel you need a little pick me up, or that your skin needs a little brightening or hydration. The floral scent is heavenly, and it really does provide a little glow throughout the day. 10/10, would recommend.

In the very top picture, you can also see the new concealer I recently purchased. L’Oreal True Match ‘La Touche Magique’ Concealer. So this is new, and not a product I have tried, but a good concealer is definitely essential. You want something that will brighten up your face. Maybe hide those dark circles under your eyes, or that stubborn AF pimple that has suddenly appeared on the end of your nose that will not GO AWAY. I swatched this product in the drugstore, and I am a big fan of the consistency. I got it in the colour Rose- Beige. It’s a little lighter than my natural skin tone, which is ideal. So for now, I love this, but I’ll let you know if that changes once I actually put it on my face. 


You can’t survive Spring without a good pair of sunnies. How CUTE are these ones? They’re classic, yet a little edgy. I freaking love them. I got them just yesterday from a shop called ‘Call it Spring’. They were $11.99. What a deal! And how cute is the little patchwork denim case?? It was only $10.00! You can bet your bottom that I will be rocking these all Spring long, and most likely all Summer too!


What are your Spring Essentials?

Peace x


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