A Taste of Toronto

Hey friends! So on Saturday, after a long and boring plane ride where they didn't serve food, and there were no TVs (okay is was only a four hour flight, so it wasn't that long, but it was suuuuper boring!) I finally landed in Toronto! I was greeted at the airport by my best friend, … Continue reading A Taste of Toronto


REVIEW: Clinique “Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer”

Hello!   Today I'm doing a little review on the Clinique "Beyong Perfecting Foundation and Concealer".  I'm sure I've talked about this foundation before, and I'm sure I've raved about it. When I first bought it I loved the texture and consistency, I loved how smooth and flawless it looked on my skin, and the … Continue reading REVIEW: Clinique “Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer”

Summer Sunday

What uuuuup friends!   I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty fantastic, I must say. One of my friends from my home town came down to see me, and surprised me by bringing one of my BEST FRIENDS and her baby boy down with her! I had no idea they were coming, … Continue reading Summer Sunday

4 Steps to Glowy Summer Skin

Hey loves! Does anyone else change up their skincare routine with season? Just me? Now that summer is approaching (and friggin faaaaaast) I find myself switching up what products I've been using! Here are my 4 steps to achieving glowy summer skin:   Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash. Made by "sensitive skin experts" it says. Let … Continue reading 4 Steps to Glowy Summer Skin

Spring Essentials

Hey lovies! Springtime is without a doubt in the air, and I am in love with it. The sun has been shining, the days are longer, the air smells so clean and florally (is that even a word...?) and everything just seems a bit brighter. I've put together a short little list of what are … Continue reading Spring Essentials

FabFitFun Starter Box

Hey all! So you remember my amazing friend Syd who sent me a FabFitFun box a few months back when I was feeling blue? Well she struck again! Sydney subscribed for herself, and in doing so got sent some vouchers for starter boxes that she could kind of give out to her friends, and I … Continue reading FabFitFun Starter Box