Hey beautiful people! Just thought I would quickly drop in and share a list of the products I've been using lately. Using so much, that they are now, in fact, empty. I wouldn't necessarily call all of these "Favourites", but I liked them all enough to use them until the very end. So let's dive … Continue reading Empties


REVIEW: Eleven Australia; Miracle Hair Treatment

Helloooo friends! As some of you may know if you follow me on Instagram (by the way you should really follow me on Instagram... everyone loves a little shameless plugging)  I recently died my hair. I now have suuuper dark brown (almost black hair). I am in love with it! I have the best hairdresser … Continue reading REVIEW: Eleven Australia; Miracle Hair Treatment

REVIEW: ALMAY Clear Complexion Makeup

Hey everyone! Got a little review for you today. I ran out of foundation a few weeks back, and I went to a drugstore I don't usually go to. Everything seemed so pricy and so I didn't pick any of the foundations I normally go for- I instead opted to try the ALMAY Clear Complexion … Continue reading REVIEW: ALMAY Clear Complexion Makeup

Me Day

Hey everyone! You know those days when you just need a little time to yourself? When you don't want to be bothered by anyone or anything; you just want to hang out and be alone to sift through your own thoughts and feelings? Well welcome to my Sunday. I work Tuesday-Saturday so by the time … Continue reading Me Day

What’s In My Bag

Hey kids. I thought I'd do an updated version of What's In My Bag for you. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a thing with purses... as in I love them and I own way too many and I am forever changing up the one I use. Plus I think the last time … Continue reading What’s In My Bag

Mascara Showdown

Hey loves.   So for some reason I find myself in the posession of four different mascaras. Now, based off of how much makeup I own, this isn't outrageous. But usually mascara is something that I usually stick to only one of- two TOPS. So this is weird. But, since I find myself in this … Continue reading Mascara Showdown

Spring Essentials

Hey lovies! Springtime is without a doubt in the air, and I am in love with it. The sun has been shining, the days are longer, the air smells so clean and florally (is that even a word...?) and everything just seems a bit brighter. I've put together a short little list of what are … Continue reading Spring Essentials