Travel Diary: Costa Rica

Hey friends! I'm going to try something different today, that I hope you all enjoy just the same. Just over two years I embarked on a trip that I had always dreamt of taking, and finally gotten the money/ courage together to go for it. I travelled to Costa Rica. I'm sure most of you... Continue Reading →


Lifestyle Changes

A few days ago I was hanging out at work (the diner that more or less only sells meat and potatoes) and it occured to me; I had reached a point where I was either going to order a huge chunk of steak, or I was going to become a vegan. Polar opposites I know!... Continue Reading →

Brighton; Day 1

Hi friends!  Just a short update; I've not been up to much today as I've only just arrived and I am incredibly jetlagged! The flight was long as hell and I thought I would go insane. I was so relieved when I finally touched down in London and was able to get the heck off!... Continue Reading →

Get to Know Me

So, I saw this on Jessica Jade's blog and I thought it was SO CUTE, and such a fun little idea! I loved her post, and it was so fun to get to know more about someone who's posts you read, so they don't just seem like a faceless name.  Please take the time to read this,... Continue Reading →

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