Rainy Day Haul

Heya friends! Yesterday I went to visit my mum, and since it was such a rainy and gross day out, we decided to hit the mall. It was that or stay in with a movie. My bank account would have rathered that we stay in, buuuuut we opted not to... oh well, right? Here's what … Continue reading Rainy Day Haul



Hey all! Now, we've talked about this before; usually when it comes to foundation and makeup, I am all about a matte finish. But lately, I've been craving a change. I am so intriqgued by all these glowy and dewy looking makeup looks I've been seeing lately, and I just knew I had to try … Continue reading MAGIC LUMI

What I Got For My 25th

Hey all! As previously said, I thought I would share what I got for my 25th birthday with you all. This isn't everything, but it's most things, and it is some of my favourite things. But honestly the best part was just getting to spend my birthday surrounded by people who love me. Frst up … Continue reading What I Got For My 25th


B-Day Beauty Buys

Hey loves! As I have mentioned, this coming Friday is my 25 birthday! Crazy, right? In my head I feel like I should still be 20, or 21... maaaybe even like 18. Clearly I am not stoked on getting older. A few days ago, to cheer myself up (and because I have no self-control), I … Continue reading B-Day Beauty Buys



Hey friends! Yesterday I wrote a post: New Beauty Buys! So I thought today I would upload a photo of the makeup look I used the makeup to create. I wanted something super natural and low-maintenace since I had to work, but still something a little pretty, ya know? I used the Too Faced Neutral Eyes … Continue reading #MOTD


New Beauty Buys

Yo yo my friends! So last week I was casually cruising on Sephora.com and of course, I couldn't resist placing an order. I tried. I tried to resist, I really did. But I couldn't. I didn't go too crazy though, so give a girl some credit! I stopped myself before it got too out of … Continue reading New Beauty Buys


Recent Beauty Buys

Hey lovelies! So lately I've been trying to reign in on my makeup purchases because, well, I have a problem... We all know this. But sometimes a girl just can't help herself! So these are my recent (but sparse) beauty buys! Enjoy! Quo Face Pallete "Heat it Up" Quo Eyeshadow Pallete "No Pressure" Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara … Continue reading Recent Beauty Buys