REVIEW: CoverGirl Peacock Flare Mascara

Hey all! So the other day I saw an ad on TV for the CoverGirl Peacock Flare Mascara, and let me tell ya; subliminal messaging is a real thing, because as soon as I saw that I knew I needed to give this mascara a try. So the next day it was off to my … Continue reading REVIEW: CoverGirl Peacock Flare Mascara


Fall Fun

Don't you just love this time of year? The chill in the air, how dark it gets in the evenings, the leaves changing colour and crunching under your feet as you walk across them. Big scarves, chunky sweaters, rain boots, any boots really, pumpkin spice everything, bonfires, MUST I GO ON? Fall is the best. … Continue reading Fall Fun

Let’s Chat

Hey dudes! So I thought I would just write a quick little post, because it feels like it's been a little while since we have had the chance to catch up. In truth, I haven't been dedicating enough time to blogging lately; at least not as much as I would like. But hey, that's life … Continue reading Let’s Chat

Let’s Recap

Hey beautiful people! Just thought I would drop in and give you all a quick update on my life! Because it's so exciting, and you all care SO much... that's what I tell myself anyway... To be fair, not a whole lot is new! Last time I did one of these little update things, I … Continue reading Let’s Recap

It’s Been So Long…

  Hey beautiful people! It's been so long! At least that's how it feels for me. Missed ya! So we are now almost a full month into 2017 and I must say, it's been going pretty dang well for me so far. I finshed my novel, reconnected with one of my oldest and dearest friends … Continue reading It’s Been So Long…

2016 Highlights

Happy New Year my beautiful blog friends! I hope you all had a safe and happy new years eve! Towards the end of 2016 everyone seemed to be getting so negative; myself included. I was ready to put 2016 behind me and look to the future and to what 2017 had to offer. But now, … Continue reading 2016 Highlights