B-Day Beauty Buys

Hey loves! As I have mentioned, this coming Friday is my 25 birthday! Crazy, right? In my head I feel like I should still be 20, or 21... maaaybe even like 18. Clearly I am not stoked on getting older. A few days ago, to cheer myself up (and because I have no self-control), I … Continue reading B-Day Beauty Buys


(Overdue) Europe Beauty Buys

  Hola friends! So, clearly it has taken me a friggin long time to get back into the blogging thing since Europe. I've just been in a kind of post-holiday funk, but I think I'm finally starting to snap out of it! So I thought I would share with you the few beauty products I … Continue reading (Overdue) Europe Beauty Buys

Makeup Wish-List

Hello friends! As if I don't have enough makeup already, I have begun compiling a makeup wish-list! These are all products I have every intention of purchasing in the near future; aka, before I leave on my trip! It's not very long, but I'm sure it will be added to in a few days. Here … Continue reading Makeup Wish-List

MAC: New Makeup Haul & Everyday Makeup Look

What's up loves! Yesterday I dangerously took a trip to MAC. I say dangerously, because I mean it! I can't step foot in that place and just pick up one thing. But at least I know this now, so it's not quite as big of a shock when I get up to the till and … Continue reading MAC: New Makeup Haul & Everyday Makeup Look

First Impression: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Hey loves! SO a few weeks ago, I purchased one of the Anastasia Beverly Hilly Liquid Lipsticks in the shade American Doll. I then added it to my ever-growing lipstick collection and completely forgot all about it. That is until now! I thought I would try it on, and give you my first impression! So, … Continue reading First Impression: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick