First Impression: NYX Liquid Illuminator

Hello all!

So the other day I picked up a bottle of the NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator. I’ve never tried this before, and I’ve never really heard anything about it either, but I figured I would give it a go!

I bought the lighter of the two shades because I am quite pale, and didn’t want to end up with a giant orange shine on my face.


It went on pretty smooth and light, so that was nice. But I did find that I had to put on quite a bit to get any kind of shine or highlight effect.

It does give a nice light effect in the end, and for the price I paid ($10.99 Canadian) I can’t really complain. For what it is, it is pretty good. It’s a nice drugstore highlighter.

I wasn’t wowed by the effect, but I wasn’t completely let down either. I will use the bottle that I have, but who knows if I will go out of my way to purchase another.

Hope you found this little review helpful!




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