A Hair Horror Story

Hey loves! Bit of a different post today, as I am asking; more like pleading for your help. As you know by now, I have been bleaching my hair blonde for about a year, and while I have managed to keep it healthy, the process is beginning to take its toll. I am asking if … Continue reading A Hair Horror Story


Let’s Recap

Hey beautiful people! Just thought I would drop in and give you all a quick update on my life! Because it's so exciting, and you all care SO much... that's what I tell myself anyway... To be fair, not a whole lot is new! Last time I did one of these little update things, I … Continue reading Let’s Recap

Travel Diary: Costa Rica

Hey friends! I'm going to try something different today, that I hope you all enjoy just the same. Just over two years I embarked on a trip that I had always dreamt of taking, and finally gotten the money/ courage together to go for it. I travelled to Costa Rica. I'm sure most of you … Continue reading Travel Diary: Costa Rica

What’s in my Makeup Bag/ Products I Use on a Daily Basis

Hey loves! Now, if you're like me, you have way too much makeup to even think about fitting it all into one small makeup bag. Most of mine is scattered across my bathroom counter, taking up far too much space. What I do keep in my makeup bag are my favourites: my holy grail, go-to … Continue reading What’s in my Makeup Bag/ Products I Use on a Daily Basis

Review: Bellá Pierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème

Hey lovelies, So today I took a trip to the drugstore because I needed a new concealer... let's jjust say that's not all I bought... I have a problem, we know this. ANYWAY. I found a pack of four of these liquid lipsticks, by a brand that I've never heard of. Always being up for … Continue reading Review: Bellá Pierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème

How I Keep My Blonde Hair Brass Free

Hey friends! In about two weeks it will be a year since I started the transtion from dark brown (like suuuuper dark) to blonde hair! It's been a hell of a ride, but my hair is finally almost at the stage I want it to be. About a month or so ago I was cruising … Continue reading How I Keep My Blonde Hair Brass Free